Black Friday: How Not To Blow It

This year’s Black Friday will be November, 28. For all e-tailers it’s a good chance to make extra income, as shoppers seem to go crazy this day. Here are some tips on how to make sure your website will survive this insanity.

If you are somehow into e-commerce, you’ve probably heard of the astonishing sales received this year during Single’s Day — US $8.16 billion, beating its own last year’s record of $5.7 billion.

Single’s Day is called so because the date Nov. 11 has for singles (11/11). It’s a shopping day similar to Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the U.S., when people from all over the world can buy heavily discounted goods online.

The gross merchandise volume, or GMV, of $2 billion was reached in the first hour!

Now imagine for a second that the site would go down for this hour. Anything can happen, especially when you have a huge amount of visitors at a time. Alibaba would still beat the result of the previous year, but the taste of success would not be so strong and rich.

Okay, not necessarily the whole hour. Simple calculations show that even a minute of downtime would cause the shortage of $33 million. Hard to take it in, right?

Luckily, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is a serious organization. As sure as you are reading this, they’ve considered all the risks, they have all the needed technical support, emergency servers and what not. The stakes are too high.

But let’s consider a far smaller e-tailer.

Very likely that he is having grand plans for the on-coming Black Friday. And he certainly should be: surveys show that last year every third adult took advantage of this sales’ day. So our retailer has already set the discounts for the goods, maybe took care of context ads. What’s left?

He definitely has to calculate risks of downtime!

The formula is simple: divide the amount of the planned income by the amount of minutes in a day. This will be the cost of a 1-minute downtime.

Secondly, he has to make sure that his website is working well. Not plenty of time left till Black Friday, but the trend can be already seen in one week.

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